5 Good Reasons to Drink Hot Water

Our body needs more than 2.5 liters of water per day to function properly. Water is provided by the 1.5L of water that is recommended to drink daily, by food but also by hot drinks such as tea, coffee, infusions… Do you know why it is beneficial to hydrate also with hot drinks?

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When they are not too hot (< 65°C), hot drinks bring many benefits to our body. Discover the 5 main ones:

Detoxify the Body

Drinking hot water on an empty stomach in the morning speeds up the metabolism and allows our body to burn more calories. This morning ritual will also help you eliminate toxins that cause, among other things, premature aging of the cells.

Beautify the Skin

After drinking hot water, body temperature rises. The pores are freed of impurities and toxins are eliminated, the skin becomes more elastic and the skin texture is refined.

Improve Digestion

When hot water is consumed at the end of a meal, it accelerates the food digestion process. Unlike fresh water, which freezes the fats in food and deposits them on the intestinal walls, hot water maintains a sufficiently high temperature for the digestive process to run smoothly.

Relieving Headaches

Warm water dilates the blood vessels and thus facilitates blood flow: oxygen is better conveyed to the brain. Less pressure in the vessels and more oxygen to the brain help relieve pain.

Cure a Cold Faster

Drinking plenty of water helps to thin out excess mucus from the nose and throat. Drinking warm water also helps to decongest the nose and relieve sore throats.

So don’t miss the benefits of hot water and enjoy teas and herbal teas at will. Be careful not to boil your water to avoid burning your esophagus. The ideal temperature is 60°C: heat your water and wait a little while for your drink to cool down before drinking it and enjoying its effects.

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